A Letter from Christine Mikell

Dinosolar: A subsidiary of Enyo Renewable Energy

Over the past 15 years, myself and the team at Enyo Renewable Energy have forged a path to sustainability across the Intermountain West developing the first wind energy project in Utah, the Spanish Fork Wind Park. Through successful collaboration between policy makers, utilities, landowners, business stakeholders and civic leaders, we have established a foundation for leadership in developing renewable energy solutions.

Now, we are pleased to announce we are building upon that foundation by developing the Dinosolar project. The 440MW Dinosolar Project is located in Natrona County, Wyoming a mile west of the city of Bar Nunn. Solar energy development is not just about clean air, clean water and unlimited energy – it’s about stimulating rural economies by using solar energy to attract new businesses. It’s these positive human benefits and the environmental advantages from the use of renewable energy that are the most rewarding aspects of working in the solar energy industry.

The Dinosolar Project is employing local experts in Natrona County who have considerable knowledge of the area. The development, construction, and operation of this facility will bring vast economic benefits to the community, stimulate local business and generate a new stream of tax revenue for Natrona County. My team and I are very excited to work with Natrona County and the surrounding areas to ensure that we can make a substantial positive contribution in your community. We look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress and welcome your feedback.

Warm Regards,
Christine Mikell

Project Lead – Dinosolar


The Dinosolar Project is expected to produce 440 megawatts (MW) of electric power, and 440 MW of battery energy storage.

$128.6 Million
Generated from Property Tax

The Dinosolar Project will provide a steady revenue stream to Natrona County, the School District, and other taxing entities throughout the project’s 35-year lifetime.


It is estimated the Project will bring 462 jobs during its construction and several full time jobs after completion.

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